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Your Stay

Check-in & check-out times

Sorrento Lodge has a standard check-in and check-out time. Alternative arrangements can be made subject to availability for an early check-in or late check-out. This may come with a fee depending on the request.

  • Check-in time: 2:00pm
  • Check-out time: 10:00am
  • Please note, for early check-in & late check-out there is a fee of half the night rate fee (subject to availability)

Guests are welcome to relax in Sorrento Lodge’s lounge or reception areas prior to check-in.

Reception desk operating hours

8am to 9pm, 7 days a week

Accommodation rates

When booking a bed at Sorrento Lodge you’ll first have to make sure you are eligible to stay at the property. Once that’s confirmed, booking prices start from $42.00 a night for a bed. Prices will vary depending on the length of your stay and the time of the year.

  • Casual – $50.00/ night
  • Weekly (Short-Term Stay) – $49.00/ night
  • Three Monthly (Seasonal Lease) – $45.00/ night
  • Six Monthly (Half Yearly Lease) – $444.00/ night
  • Yearly (Yearly Lease) – $42.00/ night

After-hours check-in

Yes, guests can check-in after hours, however, full payment is required prior to check-in. Your booking confirmation will outline the after-hours check-in process for you to follow. An after-hours contact number will be at the entrance of Sorrento Lodge if you need help checking in.

Changes to reservation

Changes to your booking can be made, however, we will need at least 24-hours’ notice to make any changes. Please contact Sorrento Lodge via email, phone, or in person at reception to advise of any changes to your reservation.

Room layouts

Sorrento Lodge is a shared facility, this includes all rooms and communal areas. The room layouts are:

  • 28 x 2 king single beds with 1 shared bathroom per room
  • 5 x 3 king single beds with 1 shared bathroom per room
  • 1 x 5 king single beds with 1 shared bathroom per room (separate toilet & shower)
  • 2 rooms within the 28 x 2 king single beds with 1 shared bathroom where king single beds can come together to make a double bed. This is for couples or private rooms only.

Included in these rooms are:

  • 1 x bedside drawer per person
  • 1 x lockable robe storage per person
  • 1 x shared mini bar fridge
  • 1 x TV per bed
  • Supplied bed linen and towels
  • Split system heating and cooling
  • Shared bathroom per room with shower toilet and vanity cupboard

Room inclusions and supplies

All beds are supplied with linen and a fortnightly linen service. This includes a bottom sheet, top sheet, doona cover, pillow and pillow cover, a towel, and a bathmat.
You’ll need to bring your own clothing, toiletries, electronic devices, and any other personal items you can think of. If you’d like to feel a little more at home, you’re welcome to bring your own linen and pillow, however, a linen service can’t be provided for personal linen; meaning you’ll have to wash it yourself in our onsite communal laundry. You’ll have to make prior arrangements with the on-site manager for this to be approved. While Sorrento Lodge is not responsible for your personal items, we have supplied each bed with its own lockable robe if you’ve got anything you’d like to keep secure.

How long can I stay at Sorrento Lodge?

If you’re a local Mornington Peninsula worker or business, then there is no timeframe in which an occupant can stay at Sorrento Lodge. Long-term stays will require to be on a rooming house agreement and will be bounded by the terms and conditions of that agreement.

Why do I need proof of employment when making a booking?

As Sorrento Lodge is here to support local businesses and their employees on the Mornington Peninsula, you’ll need proof of employment. Our facility isn’t appropriate for those looking for a holiday or weekend away.
If you’re making a booking separate to your employer, you’ll need to provide us with a letter of proof of employment from your employer to prove you’re a local worker on the Mornington Peninsula.
If your employer has also booked a room or a bed, then they will supply us with proof that they’re a local Mornington Peninsula business.

Room Sharing

Private rooms

You can book your own personal room if you’d like that extra bit of privacy and space. This will be subject to availability. Sorrento Lodge’s fees are per bed price; therefore, you’ll have to pay an increased rate if you’re wanting wanting your own private room. We have 2 rooms where the king singles can be joined to create a double bed. If these rooms are already booked, you can book a room with two king singles.

Room sharing

Sorrento Lodge has male-only rooms, female-only rooms, and some co-ed rooms. There are also 2 couple rooms that we use for any couples that would like to room together during their stay, or for someone wanting their own private room.

Can I request to share a room with my friend?

Yes, you can absolutely make a request if you’d like to stay in a room with your friend. This will be subject to availability, and you’ll need to make this request when you make your booking or see if we can accommodate this upon check-in.


If you’re having issues with your roommate/s, the first step is to discuss those issues with them directly. If you’re not comfortable doing that or if it’s an issue that requires greater attention, you’ll need to speak with the on-site manager or a staff member to raise your concerns so a solution can be made.
If you’d like to make a complaint, you’ll need to address any issues you’re having to the building manager in writing, either through an email, or letter or via the GOKI or MEWS apps.



WI-FI at Sorrento Lodge is free. You’ll need the username and password to log onto the WI-FI. This can be found in your guest booklet which is on your bed when you check-in. The guest booklet gives you a rundown of the property and will familiarise you with all the information about Sorrento Lodge and the surrounding areas.

Noise Restrictions

No noise is to be made before 6:00am and after 10:00pm. There are time locks on certain common areas such as:

  • Laundry: 8:00am – 10:00pm
  • Kitchen & Dining: 6:00am – 10:00pm
  • BBQ & Courtyards: 8:00am – 10:00pm
  • Lounge & Study Lounge: 6:00am – 10:00pm

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. Management and staff will not accept any anti-social or unruly behaviour in any communal areas or rooms on this property. Sorrento Lodge has a “zero tolerance no party policy” that will need to be consented to by all guests prior to check-in.

Room cleaning

Each room will be cleaned fortnightly. A fresh linen change will be done on the beds. This will include a top sheet, bottom sheet, pillow cover, doona cover, towel, and bathmat. An additional linen service can be provided for a fee if you’d like to have it done on a once-off or on more regularly.
We do ask that you keep your room in a clean and presentable manner as different guests may be checking in and out at different times during your stay. This will mean bed cleans will need to be done by outgoing guests before incoming guests check-in. You’ll be notified when a staff member will be coming into your room to make a bed changeover clean.

Car parking

Sorrento Lodge has 10 car spaces available for lease to any guests staying at the property. First preferences will be given to those with longer-term agreements and then open to every other guest (subject to availability).

  • $5.00 per day charge for 1 x car space
  • A car parking lease agreement is required to be filled out and signed prior to confirmation of a leased space

Upon Sorrento Lodge car parking becoming full, there will be strictly no parking on premises, nature strip, or neighbouring properties on Ocean Beach Rd, Mornington Peninsula National Park, and Sorrento commercial or foreshore precincts, in accordance with the car parking management plan. As such, overflow guests will have to outsource their own car parking arrangements. All-day parking is available at the Promenade Sorrento car park for a fee of $5.00 a day.

Sorrento Lodge has several alternative transport measures to help you get around such as:

  • A Shuttle bus service that can run twice a day within 10kms of Sorrento Lodge – $5.00 per person each way
  • E-bike hire for $5.00 per hour or for a $15.00 day rate hire
  • Carshare hire
  • Public transport (bus) which is within walking distance of Sorrento Lodge

Luggage storage

Sorrento Lodge can’t hold your luggage for you before check-in. However, if you arrive early but your room isn’t quite ready, you’re more than welcome to wait and rest in the reception or lounge lobby with your luggage. Sorrento Lodge can’t be responsible for any luggage left unattended.

Food and meal preparation

Sorrento Lodge has a large shared communal kitchen with plenty of cooking facilities to cater for all guests staying at the property. There are no cooking facilities in any of the rooms. Kitchen & dining areas are open between 6:00am – 10:00pm, every day.


Cancellation policy

Unless Guest is subject to a Rooming house agreement, Sorrento Lodge has a one-day (24-hour) cancellation policy. Please note that failure to cancel before this time will result in a cancellation fee.

  • Cancellations within our 24-hour period will incur a cancellation admin fee of $30.00
  • There is a no-refund policy for guests once they have checked in

Pet policy

Sorrento Lodge has a no-pet policy; however, we do allow assistance animals. Please provide proof of evidence and we’ll do our very best to accommodate all your needs.

Age restrictions

Sorrento Lodge is strictly an 18+ facility. We may ask for photo ID to check that you’re 18 years old or over.

Alcohol policy

You’re more than welcome to enjoy a drink with your fellow guests, we just ask that you dispose of any alcohol bottles in the correct bins supplied on-site. Sorrento Lodge allows alcohol on the property; however, we do not sell alcohol.

Visitor policy

We don’t allow any visitors to come and use the facilities or stay at Sorrento Lodge. Only in very exceptional circumstances/grounds and with approval from the building manager will we allow visitors onsite. Any unauthorised visitors will be asked to leave the property immediately.